Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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The 10 Best Southern Food Blogs


I've been spending a lot of time perusing food blogs lately, particularly the ones with a Southern bent, and I've been happily surprised by the diversity, scope, and sophistication of the offerings. Whereas some food magazines and recipe-sharing sites often spend the pre-July 4th days focusing on flag cakes and watermelon fruit baskets (all noble pursuits, mind you, and perfect for the occasion), the Southern food blogerati give readers a little something extra and unexpected–the history of sweet tea, for instance (Hushpuppy Nation), or tips on making fried pickle chips on the grill (Biscuits and Such). Here's a round-up of my 10 favorite Southern food blogs, in no particular order, plus a source for finding more.
9. The South Will Rise (Note: This blog hasn't been updated recently, but it's still a great recipe source.)
For more great Southern food blogs, check out Cooking Schools' 2010 Top Southern Style American Cuisine Blogs.

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